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      Primrose Hill Carpet Cleaning Services was incredibly helpful in getting my property ready for showings. They cleaned it from top to bottom, and their rates are far better than most of the other cleaning companies in the area.
Leslie R.21/05/2020
     I am new and my next-door neighbour recommended Primrose Hill Carpet Cleaner. They made sure that my new home was spotless and I can't wait to make new memories. Worth every penny!
     One of the worst things about living with roommates is that they will often leave huge and unpleasant messes behind. Not everyone has the habit of cleaning up after themselves. Well we solved that by getting our efforts together and hiring a cleaning agency, Primrose Hill Carpet Cleaner to beat the mess. They did great and now we're better off with their weekly visits.
     We got our kitchen cleaning done by PrimroseHillCarpetCleaners recently. The team was thorough and quick. They ensured that they removed the appliances carefully and put them back in the right location. The windows sparkled and the oven shone. We will engage their service the next time as well.
     I had the upholstery in my office cleaned recently by Primrose Hill Carpet Cleaning Services and they did a terrific job. The procedures were all eco friendly and the results amazing. I was thrilled with the fact that the upholstery looked so clean and smelled so fresh. It has saved me from having to buy new items!
Sharon G.14/07/2015

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